The Gear

  • Line 6 Pod HD500

    My giant pedal board. This is primarily my Line 6 HD500, which is the best Pod ever. Love the tones I get from this. I have an EHX Freeze and Soul Preacher in front and then some Loop Master true bypass switchers to make guitar changes quick. I also can send to the board using stereo XLR, stereo 1/4" or mono to XLR via a mounted direct box. All that mounted onto a Pedal Train Pro with a Voodoo power pack to run everything but the HD.

  • Westbury Custom S

    This is my first real guitar. Not sure how many lawns I had to mow to be able to afford it. It's a Japanese-built solid mahogany guitar sold by Univox back in the early 80's. I was drawn to it by both it's color and it's pickup switching. The 5 way switching is very reminiscent of PRS-style 5 way switching with single coil in and out of phase options. It was probably the last guitar I bought till I got back into it around 2002, when I started shopping for PRSi.

  • Line 6 DT50

    A cool DT50 head. It has some digital in the preamp section but the power section is all analog and allows switching between different power tube configurations. Great Marshall style and Fender style tones. I have it matched up with a 2x12 Avatar cab. With the MIDI editor, you can tweak even further. I have mine set up to model the Dr Z Route 66. So basically a 50 watt Route 66 for about half the price.

  • EHX Memory Man with Hazarai

    A pretty slick delay pedal with multi tap and reverse features. Not the best of EHX graphics but still a nice looking pedal. And it's blue. Enough said.

  • EHX Pog

    The original Electroharmonix Pog. Both impressive and cool, even if the packaging is kind of boring. Of all my "experimental" pedals, this is the one I've used the most. Cool organ type effects and awesome unison-style harmonies. I have no idea where the black dots on a few of the sliders came from.

  • Ovation Adamas 1597

    I've always been a fan of Ovations because of the sound and the slightly narrower neck. I've never been much of an acoustic guy and this thing is built like a tank. I use if for all my unplugged gigs because it sounds great, never feeds back and is built like a tank, so I'm not worried about a bunch of scratches. And it's blue.

  • 2010 PRS Swamp Ash Special w/ Narrowfields

    My #1 guitar, by far. The narrowfield pickups are awesome - full on Strat flexibility with plenty of oomph. The maple neck and swamp ash body create a nice bright sound and the neck pickup has a rich bluesy sound that invokes SRV with minimal effort.

  • Digitech Whammy 4

    The more (but not most) recent flavor of the venerable Digitech Whammy. Tinkering with this gives me all the more respect of Joe Satriani and his amazing ability to make the Whammy sing.

  • PRS Singlecut Hollowbody

    This is my go-to acoustic/electric guitar. I keep it struck with PRS 12s and really only use it for songs that I need to switch between acoustic and electric. It's red. I don't really like red guitars that much but I seem to have a lot of them.